You don’t want to murder men but think that the world would be a better place without men? So not only are you a sexist overly violent miscreant but you’re also a contradicting moron.

It takes real talent to pull of this kind…

Nobody in the right mind would see this person as rational or intelligent.

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Sexism in Magic's community


Longmore’s success, and the recent success of other female players, set off something of a crash course in diversity training for Magic players. It had to. The game isn’t just some extra-obscure corner of the offbeat nerd community anymore: It’s a $200 million-a-year industry with a fan base of 20 million and a growing pool of elite players who make their living from tournament prizes (which top out at about $40,000).

fun fact



if you believe on gender is superior, you are sexist, if you believe one race is superior, you are racist, if you hate a group for what they can’t control, you are an asshole.


now here is a message to tumblr specifically, it doesn’t matter if the gender, race, or group is…


if someone says something that upsets you get off the internet
take a breather
its ok
people will be douchebags
but really take a break from the internet
dont bother arguing with them
get off the internet and rest